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Swiftpage Announces Open Beta for Act! Cloud

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Swiftpage Announces Open Beta for Act! Cloud Service in North America

Prepping for launch, company invites small business owners to sign up at and join in final testing of all-new online contact and interaction management service

DENVER, CO — July 7, 2014 — Swiftpage, a leading provider of integrated marketing and CRM solutions for individuals, growing businesses and mobile sales teams, today announced that it has advanced its Act! Cloud service into open beta testing, the final phase of testing before its official launch planned in the coming months.

Act! Cloud is the company’s all-new contact and interaction management service that, unlike previous versions of Act!, is an entirely cloud-based, subscription-only service, optimized for use on tablets and smartphones.

The company is inviting all small business owners to sign up at and use the service for free during the beta period to help Swiftpage stress-test the system and gather one more round of feedback on the overall experience and feature set.

“We’re extremely proud to be taking the next major step in the Act! Cloud journey,” said H. John Oechsle, president and CEO of Swiftpage. “To make the service the best it can be, we’re inviting every small business owner in North America to hop on board, join us for the ride and tell us what they think.  Now everyone has the opportunity to see first-hand how Act! Cloud can help them better understand their customers, improve their customer interactions, and ultimately take their business to a new level of growth.”

The original Act! has been the number one best-selling contact and customer manager for 27 years.  Throughout those years, Swiftpage developers have gained unmatched knowledge and experience in helping small businesses grow, and are now applying that knowledge to ensure Act! Cloud delivers maximum value with minimal complexity.

Rather than simply evolving existing Act! software into a cloud-based variant, the company chose to design and develop an entirely new online service.  Act! Cloud is built “from the ground up” for tablet and smartphone users, with a fresh, modern interface and touch-friendly menu system.

Further, the interface is designed to dynamically adjust based on the size of the screen being used.  This gives users more flexibility in when and how they access the service, and provides an optimized experience on each device the user prefers1.

Swiftpage research shows that many small business owners have created lists of customer contacts across multiple online services such as Facebook®, Google Contacts® and LinkedIn®, in addition to having contacts locally in applications such as Microsoft® Outlook®.

Therefore, the first release of Act! Cloud gives users the ability to conveniently import their business contacts from each of these services and applications, so they have all of their customers’ information in one place, from the start.  Moving forward, Swiftpage plans to consistently integrate additional online services for contact consolidation, based on user feedback.

Once contacts have been imported, business owners can then easily combine them into relevant groups and immediately begin engaging each group online, using professional, impactful e-mail marketing campaigns. All campaigns are built and initiated within Act! Cloud, using a wide-range of predefined and customizable e-mail templates. Act! Cloud guides the user step-by-step through the process, with simple and intuitive visual cues, ensuring every small business can market like a pro.

Unlike most competing solutions at similar price points, Act! Cloud also closely tracks and analyzes the ongoing interaction history for each contact, including all interactions from in-progress e-mail campaigns. Then, using its unique recommendation architecture, Act! Cloud gives clear, intelligent advice on which contacts to follow-up with next in order to maximize sales.

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About Act! Cloud

Act! Cloud, the all-new contact and interaction management service from Swiftpage, gives small businesses the powerful yet intuitive tools they need to take their business to the next level. Putting people and relationships first, Act! Cloud lets users see a more complete, more relevant view of each contact, empowering them to make every interaction better and ultimately grow their business faster. Plus, Act! Cloud is always there when you need it, with a fresh, modern interface that looks just as great on tablets and smartphones as it does on laptops. Find out more and sign up for a free trial at


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Swiftpage is committed to empowering individuals, growing businesses and mobile sales teams to better manage their business interactions, more intelligently engage their customers, and convert more interactions into transactions.  The company’s growing network of partners, customers, end-users and employees collectively represent the Swiftpage Nation, united across the globe as one team, on one journey.  Learn more at and join the conversation at

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